Basic Introduction of NeuralMarker Platform

NeuralMarker is an AI Annotation and training data management platform. Our customers can bring their own data and create ground truth using our powerful image editor, use our in-built popular pre-trained models for pre-labeling the datasets, export annotations in various popular formats, and can use our human annotation work-force. 

Modern Machine Learning Workflow

Modern Machine learning workflows involve Annotators, Annotation Managers, and Data Scientists. Production grade machine learning involves using active learning workflows. 


NeuralMarker has a lot of popular pre-trained models in-built in the tool that allows the annotation managers to search for appropriate training data and improve the models. Data Scientists can also add their custom inference code and weights to expose this to Annotation managers. This way the annotation managers can find the appropriate data to label, the holy grail to building production-quality models.


Using NeuralMarker:

1. Create an account by signing up

2. Create a Dataset and bring your data via Google Drive, CSV, or Direct upload. Feel free to use a pretrained model to pre-label the dataset.

3. Share and Invite your annotation Team to NeuralMarker.

4. Annotators login and start Annotating images. 

5. Download your data and labels to use for training.