NeuralMarker is an AI labeling and Training automation platform that allows it's users to upload a dataset [small or big] in multiple ways such as :

  1. Through Google drive link
  2. In the form of a CSV file consisting of Image URL's
  3. Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service.

Since the next logical step after logging in to the tool is to create a dataset.

Thus this post will specifically provide pointers on how a user can create and add a dataset through a CSV file consisting of Image URLs [i.e. one among many ways] in a newly created NeuralMarker account.

So, Let's get started!!

Once you login to the tool you will descend upon the Dataset page, on the top right-hand side you will observe a "Create New" button just click on it and start creating your first dataset in NeuralMarker.

Once you click on Create New button a "Create New Dataset" dialog box will appear.

Begin filling in the details by starting with the Dataset Name

Admin can give a name to their datasets using words, numbers and special characters or even a combination of any of them will work out too. Ultimately in the end what matters is, it should make sense to its users.

Then describe the images present in the dataset in the space provided, one eye-pleasing feature of this field, is that it allows users to even add images into it to make it more visual-oriented.

The next field i.e. the Category Type itself vocalize NeuralMarker multidisciplinary offering in terms of various category shapes which can be noticed below:

Select the category shape which suits your's AI-related application and move forward to fill in the next field with a category name or names for your selected category shape.

Next field is a Pre-training models field which is beyond the scope of this post but "just'' for records, NeuralMarker free plan offers it's users the available pretrained models with 68 and 85 facial landmark points to carefully annotate the dataset for face landmark (also known as facemark) detection application.

The last and most important "Add Data" option provides three choices to an Admin for uploading a dataset since this post is specifically about CSV file so select the "Upload CSV file" option and click on "choose file" button, it will redirect the user to their local storage, therefore, select the required CSV file and click on create.

Once you click on create, then downloading the source data from the link to your newly created neural marker account will start.

Once the entire data is downloaded into the tool, your final dataset will appear exactly like this one below



{Image to be included}


Big Cheese Requirement:

it's mandatory for a user to create the CSV file consisting of image URL's in the below-mentioned format only:

#GTK information: Adding dataset process may take time depending upon the size of the dataset, so once the user entire dataset gets uploaded to NeuralMarker, They receive an email notification for the same.