A step-By-Step guide to bringing your data from Google Drive to NeuralMarker

NeuralMarker is an AI labeling and Training automation platform that allows its users to upload  datasets in multiple ways 

  1. Cloud storage involves the usage of Google Drive and Amazon S3.
  2. CSV files: Containing links of images
  3. Drag and Drop option

In this post, I show you how to create a dataset using the Cloud storage option

Login to NeuralMarker Platform

On the top right-hand side you will observe a "Create New" button, just click on it. This would open a Create New Dataset form.

Begin filling in the details by starting with the Dataset Name

Admin can give a name to their datasets using words, numbers and special characters or even a combination of any of them will work out too. Ultimately in the end what matters is, it should make sense to its users.

Then insert the data described in the space provided, one good thing is that the user can even add images into it to make it more visual-oriented.

The next field i.e. the Category types refer to the kind of annotations that labelers would mark:

select the category shape which suits your AI application and move forward to fill in the next field with a category name or names for your selected category shape.

The next field is a Pre-trained models field which is beyond the scope of this post but "just'' for record NeuralMarker free plan provides its users a notch above feature to use the available pretrained models with 68 and 85 facial landmark points to carefully annotate the dataset for face landmark (also known as facemark) detection application.

Next is the "Add Data" option that provides four choices to an Admin for uploading a dataset as this post is specifically about the cloud storage option 

Therefore we will concentrate entirely on the Cloud storage section of Add Data field.

In the Add Data section, click on the Cloud Storage option

Then Two sub-option Google Drive and Amazon S3 will appear.

Let us see how to use those two cloud storage options to upload your data to NeuralMarker

Option 1:

Once you click on Amazon S3, you'll be asked some specific information which is mentioned below: 

  1. Amazon S3 URL
  2. Access Key Id
  3. Secret Access Key

Fill in all the required details, same as displayed below, and click on the submit button

Option 2:

Once you click on Google Drive, you'll be asked to just drop in the google drive URL of a folder or a zip file that consists of your training data.

After pasting the link, click on  the submit button

After using any of the above-mentioned cloud storage options, NeuralMarker will try to fetch the data from those locations and will upload the data with the given dataset name to your account.

#Good-To-Know: Adding the dataset process may take time depending upon the size of the dataset, so once the user's entire dataset gets uploaded to NeuralMarker, he/ she receive an email notification for the same.