Key Annotation Features

NeuralMarker is rich in a broad variety of tools that empowers its users to produce pixel-perfect annotations. 


Let's try and understand all of them. 

a. Classification: For simple tagging projects, NeuralMarker allows defining custom labels that can be chosen by the annotators at the time of labeling.


b. Rectangle to draw the bounding box.

c. Polygon to draw free form polygons.

d. Segmentation: Tools that allows it's user to segment object in an image are as follows:

     Superpixel: To create image masks over pixels which have similar characteristics.

     Brush: To create image masks through the circle shape.

Eraser: To erase the incorrect or unwanted masks.

E.Optical Character Recognition[OCR]: Tools that allows its user to recognize and extract text from images are as follows:

  • Rectangle
  • Polygon

F. Keypoints: To draw facial landmarks over the human face or pose points on a human body or polylines or keypoints on any other shape.