A step-by-step guide to creating a dataset in NeuralMarker.


Steps to Follow

1. Login to the tool

2. Click on the Add button. 

3. The Add Dataset Form will appear.

4. Fill in all the fields such as dataset name, dataset description, category-type, and categories.

Selection of Category-Type is necessary before moving to the next field in Add Dataset Form.

5. Add data to NeuralMarker using the available options listed below:

To Learn More, Click Here. 

NeuralMarker accept Image files in the form of JPG, JPEG and PNG Format.

6. Click on Submit Button

7. A New Dataset will be created.

"Dataset Uploaded and ready for annotation" information is also sent to the Admin registered    Email Address.

a. All fields are necessary to fill in Add dataset form to create Dataset except Image Tags and Pretraining Models field.

b. Image Tags are available for all Category-Type except for "classification". See More Details Here.

c. Pre-training models are available for all category-type except for "polygon" and "Keypoint + Rectangle" category type.