Data can be added to NeuralMarker in 3 ways that are mentioned below:

1. Google Drive

  • Only public or shared URLs are supported.
  • The URL should be either a compressed file with a .zip extension or a google drive folder.
  • Zip file upload will be much faster than folder upload.
  • Multiple URLs can be used at the same time.
  • Folders inside folders will be allowed.
  • A zip file inside a google drive folder will not be allowed.


2. CSV

  • CSV file should contain file URLs in each row.
  • There should be a header ‘URLs.
  • Annotations can also be uploaded along with the same CSV. The header will be in the format ‘URLs, ‘class’, ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘width’, ‘height’.


3. Drag and Drop

  • Directly drag and drop images from the local system.
  • Also, have the option to go to the system folders and select the files. Multiple files can be selected.
  • There is a separate field for adding annotations where you can upload the annotation file/s in any of the supported formats


The supported image extensions are JPG, JPEG, PNG. All the upload options support annotation file upload along with them.

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