Here What's New in NeuralMarker's July Release

  1. Apart from Google Drive, we are adding another cloud storage choice “S3” in create datasets form.

Furthermore, the users will be allowed to create a dataset using both public as well as private S3 buckets. Private buckets will have a secret access key and the key ID whereas the public ones will only require a URL.

  1. Introducing drag and drop instance annotations functionality from one category to another, to further ease the labeler's effort in correcting the wrong labels.

  1. The Calendar menu is now more intuitive and elementary to make filtering the stats operation in the stats page easier for the users than ever before.

  1. With the inclusion of the help button / contact us form across the web app, you can now reach us with the click of a button. So, pose your queries if you have any, through the help button, and we will get to them in a jiffy.

  1. Introducing Training feature on the platform. You can now not only label your data but also train Deep Learning models on our platform with just a click of a button. This makes NeuralMarker a one-stop shop for all your end-to-end Deep Learning needs. 

  1. Introducing, NM coins, no need to subscribe to plans beyond your usage requirements anymore. You can now buy NM Coins and pay as you go. All accounts on the Basic plan will get 2000 coins as a launch offer. 

  1. Adding another step to the quality review process. Admin users can now approve or reject each annotated and skipped image. 

  1. Adding 100 plus well-known Segmentation and OCR public Neural Networks to our already humongous library.  
    You now have more algorithms you can choose from to add your model to the platform.